The Beach of Hydra

Here you can forget what city-dwellers call watch, time, obligations, and business meetings.

Before you dive into the water, stand still for a moment. First look ahead and let your glance travel on the imposing crest of Peloponnese. Then turn to your right to see the sea of Hydra and the traditional little houses of Vlyhos. To your left, you can explore the wild rocks of the island and to your back the magic of the mountain. Then you can dive into the water and open your eyes! The wonderful sea bottom will astound you! That is why Hydra has marvelous beaches, requiring a bit of extra effort perhaps, but all too wonderful!
And once you get out of the water, your chaise lounge will be waiting for your (complementary for all our guests), while one of our staff will kindly ask you if you need anything from our beach bar. All that, in fact, from the early morning until late at night!


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T. +30 22980 53698
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